AD in Set

*As I always start, am not a writer, english is not even my first or second language, so am using this blog as a way to force myself into improve my skills.

After 4 days on set, the world start to feel like a strange reality, where time does not seems to pass at all.

What does an AD do on set…..? well, not a lot and at the same time millions of things, strange isn’t it?, let me try to explain how it works. Well, for all of you who have never being on a set, let me quote one of my best friends and also an account manager, she use to tell me, “to being on a commercial shot, is like watch how a wall is being paint, and then, sit in front of it while it dries“, yes, is full of exiting moments, but also, a lot of boring ones, the role of an AD, is just to supervise the overall look of the TVC, discussing with directors about options, framing, actions, colors, set design and of course our main responsibility, the pack shot, all those micro decisions are made on the spot, and involve a lot people to be able to agree on any given take. The directors create their ideal shot, after that agency and clients make comments, and is on, the reasonless war to see who is right or wrong or both, is a war where everyone always win, because all of us get what we need but some times easier than others.

After that, there is a lot of waiting, while each frame is set, changes of set, lighting, camera and of course actors, is a fun boring chaos, what do I we do on those times, we read, some watch movies, others do tutorials, or lets lot forget about eating chocolates )))).