My name is Jorge Riera and I was born in Venezuela on December 27th 1982 at 8.00 PM. From that very moment I knew I want to travel and see the world. But in order to do that, I had to study first. So I got my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela and a Master degree in Web Design/GUI in Madrid, while working as a junior art director. I started to work in advertising, and it proved to be a great fit with my desire to explore the world, because in the last 10 years I have already lived and worked in more than 10 countries and worked with clients like Coca-Cola, Mcdonald’s, KFC, BMW, Staropramen, megafon and Czech brand Vitana. Currently I am a Senior Art Director in Leo Burnett, in Moscow, and here you can download my CV

The Clients

Let my start by saying, am an awful copywriter, so I challenge myself to create a blog and just stop giving myself excuses not to write, so SORRY for any mistakes, gramatical error or any other horrible issue with my english.

When is time to open your own creative boutique? well, for me it was now, on the creative business it was getting more difficult every time to control the creative output when so much bureaucracy was involve, and when the only goal was to make money, don’t minding the result.

So if the only goal is to make money, why not to make it on my own, why not to control the creative output and why not do it your way, thats why a group of friends decide to give it a try, and that try is call The Clients.

Yes, sounds easy, well let me tell you that is not, but is deeply rewarding to one, force you to learn the business part of the advertising and of course every win you take it really personal, (Am sorry liver for that), and do not matter how hard  it is to make it now with the market as it is, will be always a pleasure to make things as you see them, and getting direct relation with the client, make things so much easier.

Well hope to be posting our first campaign here soon.