My name is Jorge Riera and I was born in Venezuela on December 27th 1982 at 8.00 PM. From that very moment I knew I want to travel and see the world. But in order to do that, I had to study first. So I got my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela, surrounded with great teachers such as Jorge Montero and Ramses Antolines. I have earned a Master degree in Web Design and an User Interface while working abroad as a junior art director for in-time comunicacion where I’ve met Angel Serrano a mentor and a friend.

I started to work in advertising because it proved to be a great fit with my desire to explore the world, because in the last 10 years I already lived and worked in 4 countries: Puerto Rico, Spain, Australia and Czech Republic.

Currently I art direct in Hullabaloo, an international ad agency based in Prague working on clients like Coca Cola, Burn, KFC, BMW or Czech brand Vitana. Download my cv here.


We need to do this…
We need to Design that…
Prepare those scripts…
What…? we need to do it again…?

Yes we are in DEFCON 1, we won many clients this month (staropramen, metaxa between others) and we are in turbo mode, am glad to be this busy, days goes faster, weeks feels more like long mondays but a little bit of calm is also need it, it does and it doesn’t make me feel good to be one with my bed on weekends is a love hate relation with my bed.

At least am still keeping my plans of traveling the world as the backpacker intern did (great inspiration) but as the Couchsurfer Art Director. Do you have a couch..? :)



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Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere.

Mieke Gerritzen